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York House School
House Logos

Logos and materials created in Illustrator, 2021

These logos were designed in conjunction with the renaming of York House School's four Houses. These new House names are the culmination of a naming process that engaged the entire York House community. Over 150 name ideas were submitted by Yorkies of all generations, ranging from current Junior Kindergarten students to alumnae from the grad class of 1965.

"For more than 85 years the House tradition at YHS has played an important role in student life. This system continues to serve as a meaningful and valuable bridge between York House students in the past, the present, and the future. These new House names are the next chapter in a continuing story." 

Meredith MeInnis, 
Senior School Social Studies Teacher & Member of House Names Advisory Committee

The House logos are featured on t-shirts, the 2021 York Rose which included a set of House Name bookmarks, and a series of banners displayed throughout the Senior and Junior School buildings.


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